Our Healthy Pet Club is a new way to keep your pet healthier… and save money on routine treatments too

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Welcome to the Elston Vets Healthy Pet Club

You love your pet, and the joy they bring you – the companionship

You want your pet or pets to remain healthy for many reasons, and that companionship is just one of them.

But pets are different from you and I.

They can’t tell you when they’re feeling sick, and sometimes you can’t see there’s anything wrong either.

That’s why, even more than you, they need regular check-ups.

Early detection of any potential problems could save you facing any unnecessary worry or stress, and of course the additional costs that might accompany later treatment.

Money is not as important as health and happiness, but here’s what the Healthy Pet Club gives you.


Our Healthy Pet Club is the best way to manage your pets healthcare

What’s included?

For a monthly payment, you can spread the cost of all your pets’ preventative healthcare, this includes:

   Included: Twice yearly health assessments

✓   Included: Vaccinations

✓   Included: Worming treatment

✓   Included: Flea and tick treatment for Cats and Dogs

✓   Included: Flystrike control for Rabbits

(all at a lower cost than if you were to pay for these items individually)

Joining the healthy pet club also gives you discounts on:

✓   Additional parasite control treatments
✓   Examinations
✓   Maintenance and prescription pet food
✓   Microchipping
✓   Neutering
✓   Pre-anaesthetic blood tests
✓   Preventative dental treatment
✓   Selected additional vaccinations

When you join, you’ll get a package of treatments worth at least £174.52 a year

✓ Annual health assessment with a vet

✓ Annual health assessment with a nurse

✓ Annual vaccination

✓ A year’s flea treatment

✓ A year’s worming treatment

✓ 10-15% discount on other preventative healthcare products and services

…Everything you need for a year’s happy companionship. In addition the cost is spread over 12 months – and let’s face it, as the cost of living continues to rise, anything that makes paying easier is worthwhile.

Of course, we’re always here to help and advise but your pet can’t tell you when you should be arranging this check-up or that treatment. So we will. We’ll remind you to do everything at the right time.

Join the Elston Vets Healthy pet club

What does it cost to join?

Join the club from as little as £12.36 a month



£12.62 /month

Dogs (Under 10kg)

£12.36 /month

Dogs (10 – 20kg)


Dogs (20 – 40kg)

£17.09 /month

Dogs (More than 40kg)

£24.33 /month


£6.33 /month

Why not join now, while it’s on your mind?

Joining is easy – simply call 01980 621999 or join online below: