We are delighted that COVID is reduced, and we are now not requiring everyone to wear masks at all times inside the practice.

Yours and our safety is still of high importance. Please do not come to the practice if you are ill. Please ask a friend to bring your pet and we will phone you at home.

If you are having cold-like symptoms please wear a mask indoors. We can provide you with a mask.

We ask that you continue to remain in your car when you arrive for your appointment, and bring your charged phone with you. Let us know when you have arrived either by phone or by Petsapp message. We will notify you when we are ready to see you.

You still have the option of waiting outside while we collect your pet from the carpark, and we will discuss your pet over the phone and return your pet to you when finished. If you are in the ‘vulnerable’ category and have concerns, please let us know; this could be your preferred option.

To reduce stress to your pet please consider if waiting outside might benefit your pet.  We have found that many pets, who are usually shy with us, have really come out of their shells with us, and have a lovely time freely checking out the exam room. Those that remain a little worried have been reassured by our amazing and skilled nurses. We have found that almost universally, when leaving owners out of the exam room, most pets are very happy to interact with the vets and nurses performing the exam.

Pets arriving to be admitted for hospitalisation will be collected from the carpark and the nurse will escort you and your pet indoors when they are ready. Therefore please let us know when you arrive for an admit appointment, and stay in your car until the nurse comes out.

Do not expect to be seen with your pet if you arrive without notifying us of your intention to visit beforehand, true emergencies excepted of course.



We will continue to use the green box outside our front door for collections, please continue to let us know when you are coming so the items can be put outside ready for you.

We also will continue to post items FOC for our Healthy Pet Club members, please ask if you would like this option.

We are limiting one person into our waiting room at one time, so please wait outside until we can see you.



Payment will be required at the time of the consultation.

We can now accept in-person card payments.

You may still find it more convenient to use the other options of paying by the link on our website front page that says ‘PAY AN INVOICE’, or by PETSAPP ; we ask that whatever method used, the payment is made AT THE TIME OF THE CONSULTATION.

We are very grateful to our clients who have followed the safety measures that we have asked of them. Thank you for your support and patience.

Stay safe and take care.

Enid and all the team at Elston Vets