Complete Nutrition for your Cat and Dog with Veterinary HPM Pet Food

We are excited to introduce a new range of dog and cat food we will be stocking at Elston Vets this month, called Virbac Veterinary HPM. This is part of our commitment to offering the very best products to your pets. We are constantly looking out for improvements in everything we do.

We have chosen Virbac Veterinary HPM because we feel it stands out from the rest. We have trialled it on our own pets and were so impressed with how our own cats and dogs looked and behaved on this food, we’ve been inspired to recommend and stock it for our clients.

Virbac Veterinary HPM Food - Complete Nutrition for All Life Stages

Veterinary HPM is a new generation of hyper-premium cat and dog food, specifically developed to provide the closest match to the nutritional needs of your pet carnivore.

It is based on a unique low-carb, high protein formula. That means it’s lower in starch and carbohydrate and higher in animal protein. The result is a cat and dog food that is more enticing to your pets and is perfectly adapted to your pet’s nutrition needs. Because of its animal protein-rich content, it is a food that your pet will naturally choose.

In addition to its low-carb, high-protein formulation, each product in the Veterinary HPM range also has carefully selected dietary supplements to provide expert tailored nutrition for the specific health challenges at each stage of your pet’s life, helping to keep them in optimal health.

Veterinary HPM also uses a low-allergen formulation, meaning that it is free from common food allergens such as gluten, wheat, maize, and soya.

Some of the other benefits we feel this new food offers our pets include:

  • High digestive tolerance
  • Skin and coat support (really noticeable in our pets trialling it)
  • Joint and muscle support
  • Dental tartar control
  • Low glycaemic index
  • Body weight control

Despite being one of the most advanced pet foods on the market, and containing a much higher amount of very good quality protein, Veterinary HPM usually works out more cost-effective than other leading brands. (We did price checking)


Special offers:

Introductory offer:
Buy one get one half price

When you buy one bag of Virbac food in the practice, get a second of equivalent or smaller size for half price! (First time purchase only)

Money-back Guarantee

We are so confident your pet will love Veterinary HPM, that we will offer a full money-back guarantee. If they won’t eat it, we’ll provide a full refund or replacement.

Virbac Loyalty Scheme

Once you have purchased 5 bags, you will receive your 6th bag free!

Get a FREE Bag of Virbac Pet Food

When you join our Healthy Pet Club, you’ll receive a FREE bag of Virbac food.

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If you would like to find out more about Veterinary HPM, please don’t hesitate to call or stop in and speak to any member of the Elston Vets Team.

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