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Elston Veterinary Clinic
Elston Shrewton
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When you are about to relax and enjoy your sofa…

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Diabetes results from the body failing to control glucose levels in the blood stream due to the lack of insulin. When this happens sugar from food builds up in the blood stream and eventually starts to appear in the urine, which is why diabetes can usually be diagnosed through a urine test.

Pets with diabetes will present excessive thirst, increased urination and weight loss despite having a good appetite. This condition is becoming increasingly common in pets over 6 years of age and it occurs in cats more frequently than in dogs. If left untreated this disease can ultimately be fatal.

If you notice your pet is showing any of these symptoms, give us a ring on 01980 621999 and schedule an appointment. Although diabetes is a chronic disease, in most pets it can be successfully managed with the appropriate treatment!

November is National Pet Diabetes Month and there is a nationwide campaign to raise awareness of the condition.
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All aboard!

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Elston Veterinary Clinic News/Blog

Blue Cross ‘Paws for Tea’ bake sale

Blue Cross ‘Paws for Tea’ bake sale

A big thank you to everyone who made cakes and treats for our Blue Cross ‘Paws for Tea’ bake sale in May, and to all those who donated money to the cause. We managed to raise £150 for the charity! The Blue Cross help sick, injured and homeless pets; we know that your... read more

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